Chernobyl – Still Deadly Even Now.

Are you even hearing about this?

chernobyl-exclusion-zone-1996    Exclusion Zones

92564719_1872566129545148_5276345813939781632_o  The Fire




The HBO Mini-series Chernobyl from last year was an excellent production that gave you some sense of what happened back in 1986 at the nuclear reactor. Not only that, but it showed how the former USSR functoned and how the “System” was responsible for eveything that went wrong. While obviously a television show, it was rather good.

I followed watching that by reading “Midnight in Chernobyl” by Adam Higginbotham – which is an excellent account of the disaster. All of the mistakes made by the Soviet system were truely mind-blowing.


Makes you really wonder how the USSR system survived as long as it did.

What is bringing Chernobyl back into the news is a large outbreak of forest fires in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone – a zone still heavily radioactive in places. Forest fires that are throwing radioactivity from the dust and dirt from the reactor meltdown into the air once again.

While they say it is “SAFE” that’s exactly what was said back in 1986.

The current “Situation”.

Chernobyl radiation levels skyrocket as fires burn in exclusion zone posted 04/07/20

Wildfires burning within Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukraine posted 04/10/20

Wildfires in Chernobyl lead to elevated radiation levelsposted 04/11/20

Ukraine deploys troops to Chernobyl nuclear plant – Defence Blog – posted 04/13/20

We can but hope.

Doc’s Public Health Issues – Crisis Point

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