Surprise, Surprise – There are diseases out there.


So, now that the political crap is taking something of a breather, the “NEWS” has discovered that there are diseases out there making people sick.  Just all of a sudden people are getting sick! This disease, that disease and why isn’t anyone doing anything?

The Big 2 right Now

Murine typhus

also called endemic typhus or flea-borne typhus, is a disease caused by a bacteria called Rickettsia typhi. Murine typhus is spread to people through contact with infected fleas. People get sick with murine typhus when infected flea feces are rubbed into cuts or scrapes in the skin. In most areas of the world, rats are the main animal host for fleas infected with murine typhus. Murine typhus occurs in tropical and subtropical climates around the world where rats and their fleas live. Cat fleas found on domestic cats and opossums have been associated with cases of murine typhus in the United States. Most cases of murine typhus in the United States are reported in people from California, Hawaii, and Texas. – Center for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases, Division of Vector-Borne Diseases.

Flea-Borne Typhus Outbreak Among Homeless in Downtown LA | NBC Southern California

Typhus: Pasadena reports epidemic levels in 2018 – Outbreak News Today

Typhus epidemic spreads across LA, health officials say – CNN

California: Long Beach reports increase in flea-borne typhus, ‘already double that of past years’ – Outbreak News Today

Posts are all from the past 7-10 days and we all know what happened 7-10 days ago in Congress


Acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) is a condition that affects the nervous system, specifically the spinal cord, which can result from a variety of causes including viral infections. AFM is characterized by a sudden weakness in one or more arms or legs, along with loss of muscle tone and decreased or absent reflexes.

Frequently caused by

Enterovirus 71 has caused large outbreaks of HFMD worldwide, especially in children in Asia. Some infections from this virus have been associated with severe neurologic disease, such as brainstem encephalitis.

Acute flaccid paralysis due to suspected polio unofficially reported in Venezuela: Society of Public Health – Outbreak News Today – From June, 2018

Six cases of rare ‘polio-like’ illness diagnosed in children in Minnesota – CNN – updated October 9, 2018

Colorado investigates acute flaccid myelitis cases, viral infections with neurologic illness in children – Outbreak News Today – from state press releases 10/10/18

Illinois reports 9 recent acute flaccid myelitis cases – Outbreak News Today – from state press releases 10/11/18

Colorado reports 14 cases of polio-like illness in children | FOX31 Denver – posted by CNN Wire, October 11, 2018

Again, except for the story from Venezuela all have been from the past 7-10 days and most are YEARLY numbers – not active cases.

Are you starting to see a pattern here?

Let’s see, right now we still have outbreaks of Cholera, Ebola, Hepatitis A, Measles and Mumps is just starting up.  Throw in some Typhoid and Yellow Fever cases and who knows what they will report on next – but only if the political crap doesn’t push it aside agasin.


Current Disease Outbreaks

Not hearing too much about these Outbreaks from the American Media.  


Link to page: Emerging (and possibly emerging) Disease Threats

Chikungunya – W.H.O. Fact Sheet



Chikungunya outbreak in Kasala State, Sudan – Outbreak News Today – posted 9/19/18

Chikungunya Outbreak in Sudan – posted 10/3/18

“Sudan reports outbreak of mosquito-borne Chikungunya disease in eastern state” –

Chikungunya epidemic in eastern Sudan: ‘25 deaths in three days’ | Radio Dabanga – posted 10/3/18

Chikungunya patients moved ‘to influence numbers’ in Kassala hospitals | Radio Dabanga – posted 10/3/18

People are dying’: Thousands struck down in Sudan by mosquito-borne fever | Middle East Eye – posted 10/3/18

Chikungunya numbers spike in Sudan’s Kassala | Radio Dabanga – posted 10/3/18

Chikungunya ‘spreading in Sudan’; Kassala reopens schools | Radio Dabanga – posted 10/3/18


Link to Page:  Filth Diseases

Cholera -W.H.O. Fact Sheet

nigeria-administrative-map  graphi-ogre-yemen-political-wall-map.jpg  Zimbabwe-political-map

Nigeria                        Yemen                        Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe cholera outbreak update: ‘Evolving rapidly and affecting mainly Harare City’ – Outbreak News Today – posted 9/19/18

Cholera outbreak: ‘We are living in fear…authorities are not doing enough,’ residents say | News24 – posted 9/22/18

Cholera kills 97 in Nigeria’s northeast | News24 – posted 9/24/18

Zimbabwe merely ‘postpones’ cholera outbreak | News24 – posted 9/24/18

RSOE EDIS – Epidemic Hazard event in [State-wide], State of Yobe, Nigeria on September 22 2018 04:06 AM – Cholera – posted 10/3/18

Cholera outbreak in Nigeria′s northeast kills nearly 100 | News | DW | 22.09.2018 – posted 10/3/18

Cholera crisis signals deeper problems for Zimbabwe | News24 – posted 10/3/18

Cholera outbreak death toll rises to 48 in Zimbabwe – Outbreak News Today – posted 10/3/18

Zimbabwe in huge cholera vaccination drive after 49 deaths – posted 10/3/18


Link to Page: Emerging (and possibly emerging) Disease Threats

Dengue and severe dengue – W.H.O. Fact Sheet

thailand-map   Mexico-map

Thialand               Mexico

Thailand dengue cases top 50,000 – Outbreak News Today – posted 9/2/18

Thailand dengue: Warning issued for Bangkok – Outbreak News Today – posted 9/19/18

Doctor at Philippine Children’s Medical Center dies of severe dengue – posted 9/22/18

Docs doing research as deadly new dengue strain of disease hits city – posted 10/2/18

Thailand dengue death count now 80, chikungunya warning issued – Outbreak News Today – posted 10/3/18

Mexico: Dengue cases rise in Chiapas – Outbreak News Today – posted 10/3/18


Link to Page:  Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses

Ebola virus disease – W.H.O. Fact Sheet


Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda

The Big Wobble: The new Ebola outbreak could to be the worst ever seen because area is surrounded by Ugandan Islamist militias and can’t be reached – posted 9/5/18

New Ebola cases, 3 more deaths recorded in DRC | CIDRAP – posted 9/19/18

Congo confirms Ebola case at Ugandan border | Reuters – posted 9/22/18

RSOE EDIS – Situation update No. 16. Epidemic Hazard event in Democratic Republic of the Congo on September 24 2018 05:17 AM – War and Ebola – posted 9/24/18

-WHO concerned about Ebola “perfect storm” in Congo – The East African – posted 10/2/18

Rebel Conflict Escalates Concern Over DRC Ebola Outbreak – posted 10/2/18

More DRC Ebola cases as risk raised to ‘very high’ | CIDRAP – posted 10/3/18

Ebola Likely to Spread From Congo to Uganda, W.H.O. Says – The New York Times – posted 10/3/18

DRC reports 4 more Ebola cases over the weekend | CIDRAP – posted 10/3/18

RSOE EDIS – Epidemic Hazard event in Bundibugyo, Western Uganda, Uganda on September 30 2018 05:24 AM – Ebola – posted 10/3/18

New Ebola cases highlight challenges in DRC | CIDRAP – posted 10/3/18