Some Chinese media disseminate information about reported cases of unknown pneumonia in Kazakhstan that seems to be more deadly than coronavirus.


“The Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan officially declares that this information IS NOT CONSISTENT WITH REALITY.” – from the article.

So, The Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan claims that the news reports from sources such as The South China Morning Post and Reuters is “Fake News”.

Will keep an eye on it.

628 Kazakhstanis died of pneumonia in June – Новости Казахстана – свежие, актуальные, последние новости об о всем

  From The South China Morning Post

Story published on – published on 3 July 2020

Post that started me looking into this “Unknown Pneumonia’ today that I shared a short time ago.  It was a warning to Chinese Citizens in Kazakhstan (several whom have died from this “Unknown Pneumonia”. Somehow the South China Morning Post got a hold of the warning and published it today.

‘Unknown pneumonia’ deadlier than coronavirus sweeping Kazakhstan, Chinese embassy warns | South China Morning Post

The first news reports I could find about this came from Reuters on 25 June 2020 and republished by The National Post on the same day.

Kazakh capital reports surge in pneumonia cases – Reuters

Also from Reuters on 25 June 2020

Kazakh health minister resigns amid coronavirus crisis – Reuters

Since the Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan formally announced this “Unknown Pneumonia” today, several blogs/specific sites have begun investigating this disease:

Community Acquired Pneumonia – Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and environs. – FluTrackers News and Information