Despite Outreach, Few Bay Area Homeless Occupy New Shelters As Coronavirus Epidemic Deepens – CBS San Francisco

Photo from the article.

Homeless Person Oakland

In this March 19, 2020 A homeless encampment in Oakland. (AP Photo/Ben Margo

(“Obviously these are people who are writing recommendations who don’t have any direct experience with what a person goes through when they are homeless,” said Joe Smith, advocacy director for Loaves & Fishes, a Sacramento nonprofit group that provides meals and services to the homeless.)

Back in the day, when I was a Police Officer (before political correctness), we had a “Street” person whom we called “Crazy Mary”. Mary ate out of trash cans, ran into hotels and took a dump in the hotel hallways and just about everything else you can think of a homeless person would do. The Post and Sector Officers all knew Mary and kept an eye on her.

Part of it was that Mary was actually quite well off financially.  She never had less than a $1,000.00 dollars in her beat up purse when we had to deal with her. Supposedly her husband had died and left 8 different bank accounts with enough money in them to keep Mary set for life, but she chose to live on the streets. I never did learn when her obvious psychosis began – before or after her husband passed.

The main point is that Mary would never go to a shelter or seek help in any way. Everyone in the various governmental agencies, Nonprofits, churches and so on could not talk Mary into getting any kind of help – she preffered the streets.

The point is that there are a lot of “Mary’s” on the streets. Either because of their mental health issues, refusal to want to follow the basic rules of a shelter, will not give up the drink and drugs or a myriad of other reasons, a large number of the”homeless” will not avail themselves to even tempory quarters of any kind if it takes them from the street. Any one who works with the homeless knows this fact of life and what it takes to get the people to accept necessary help.

Political types are usually clueless and can’t understand how anyone would refuse their generous offer. They’re very good at spending money, but not very good at understanding the root causes behind a problem – except for the political reasons.

Now they will spend millions of dollars for temporary fixes and you know what – it won’t work.

Others articles of Interest about CoVid-19 and homelessness.

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Unfortunately, all of the rush to take care of the homeless in the midst of the CovID-19 pandemic – when they’ve been putting it off for years – is pretty much a failed exercise in government waste and mismanagement.

California Cities Could See Coronavirus Outbreaks As Bad As NYC, Officials Say – CBS Sacramento – posted 03/27/20

It will probably be worse than New York’s due to sheer numbers.

Doc’s Public Health Issues – Crisis Point

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