Measles cases are skyrocketing in Europe and storming back in the US — Quartz


It is impossible for one person to keep up on the sheer amount of Measles cases occurring around the world! A person could spend all of their time just talking about measles and nothing else.

Yes, in many cases, measles is just something you get over, but there are people dying, permanently injured or suffering from birth defects because of measles.

While it may be just my opinion, I think that the Anti-Vaccine people are going to suffer this year and, unfortunately, a lot of others will suffer because of their unscientific, irrational belief system – fueled in part by their unscrupulous passing on of pseudoscience and outright greed.

Below are links to articles about measle that have occurred just over the past several days.

Quartz Article above

Chad reports dozens of measles deaths since May – Outbreak News Today

Dublin measles outbreak rises to 13 – Outbreak News Today

Venezuela measles outbreak: 3,500 lab-confirmed cases in 2018 – Outbreak News Today

Measles cases reach record high in Europe – CNN – posted 8/21/18

Ukraine: More than 27,000 measles cases in 7 months – Outbreak News Today – posted 8/16/18

Measles in Ukraine: 755 additional cases reported in past week – Outbreak News Today – posted 8/21/18

Brazil Rushes to Thwart Measles Outbreak From Venezuelans – The New York Times – posted 8/21/18

Brazil slams Venezuela as measles spreads across border | Reuters – posted 8/21/18



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