Weapons Of Mass Destruction



These are pictures of the latest Gas attack in Syria.

At one time, in political discourse between Nations, the use of the words “Weapons of Mass Destruction” was enough to bring a chill to the room. WMD’s scared people and nations.  Numerous treaties have been signed since WWI banning their use because of the horrors inflicted on people in the “Great War”.

Picture Number 1, reminds me of scenes from the chemical weapons casualties of WWI and this is 2018 and not 1918.

The world, through the United Nations, has refused to act on Syria’s use of Chemical Weapons numerous times because of Russia’s VETO and Iran’s support of Syria. They pass worthless “Measures” and “Sanctions” and scenes like Picture  Number 1 keep occurring.  In other words, the United Nations is worthless.

Pandora’s Box is now open – again!  Countries seeing that Syria has gotten away with WMD’s use in “war” will develop and use their own WMD’s in their “Conflicts”. Clouds of gas will once again be seen and next will be the germs of Bioweapons.

Only when enough people have died will it stop.